Prospectus Offer

Amati is pleased to be able to offer potential subscribers an online application form in respect to the 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 Offers. To be able to apply online, you will need to register by clicking on the Subscriber Registration link above.

In addition to your personal details, you will also need to have to hand for the application process your:

  • Share Registrars Investor ID (if you are an existing shareholder)
  • National insurance number
  • Tax residency status (and tax identification number if you are tax resident outside the UK)
  • Method of payment you will be using (cheque or bank transfer)*
  • Custodian’s CREST details (if applicable)
  • Bank account details for dividend payment
  • Your Independent Financial Adviser’s email address (if you will be using an IFA in connection with this application)

*Please note that the online application facility is not able to directly facilitate payment in respect of your application.

Before completing the online application form, please read the Prospectus dated[]October 2019 [link] and the Terms and Conditions of the Offer and the Guidance Notes. If you are at all unsure the Offer is suitable for you, please seek professional advice.

You can share the application form with your Independent Financial Adviser so that they can complete the sections of the form relevant to them and then return the form to you for your submission to Share Registrars.

Your Independent Financial Adviser can alternatively draft the whole application form for you and then advise you that the draft application form is ready for your review and submission to Share Registrars.

All applications must be submitted by the subscriber.